The Pinch is a 5-piece Mod and Indie tribute band that is based in and around Tamworth.  They are not to be mixed up with the original band of the 1960’s called The Pinch, also from the same town, even though some of the material they play could well have been in the same repertoire.  The Pinch that you now see before you, first started out on the musical road as a 3-piece band in the autumn of 1988, with Matt Starr on guitar and vocals, Andy Wells on bass guitar and Daz Meads on drums.  An even earlier incarnation of the band from 1986 was The Ravens, which then included Nigel Pretty on drums, with Daz playing lead guitar along side Matt.

They played many venues around the Midlands as a the 3-piece Mod revival band playing classics from artists such as The Who, The Small Faces and The Jam to name but a few, with occasionally throwing in a few sneaky numbers by The Beatles.

In late 1991 the line up of the band changed when Matt’s older brother Jon Starr joined with a tambourine in one hand and given a microphone for the other, to take on the role as lead vocalist.  Nigel Pretty made a return to the group on drums, while Daz went back to the guitar and they continued to play around the Midlands with a more powerful sound as a 5-piece.  At this stage they also started to introduce some of their own material into the set list, which would attract some optimistic feedback!

During the 90’s The Pinch saw different band members come and go, with even experiencing a change of name to the band half way through the decade.  They were known as Newton’s Apple for a brief moment in time, until they finally disbanded to go their separate ways for the new Millennium. 

After a few years of suffering from itchy fingers, Matt was soon back in touch with Daz and in 2002 saw the re-birth of The Pinch.  Although this time the set up was different.  Jon returned as lead vocalist, Daz remained on lead guitar but Matt became the bass player and a new drummer, Macca, was drafted in.  The Pinch was back on the road but now as a 4-piece.

2004 saw the addition of Andy Green on rhythm guitar (until 2006) and then in 2005 Tim Butcher joined the band, replacing Macca on drums.  He even brought along a bigger van and a better PA system.  So he was definitely in!  (His drumming technique was just right for the band as well!)    

In the summer of 2008 Tom Brookes joined The Pinch playing piano/keys, adding a different musical direction by including a mixture of old well known classics with material from more recent artists such as Oasis, Blur, The Kaiser Chiefs and The Artic Monkeys, and they have never looked back since.  They have gone on from strength to strength!

In the words from Mr. Kite, ‘A splendid time is guaranteed for all!’

When asked, “Where did the name of the band come from?” Matt simply replies, “We pinched it!”

 Line Up:

Jon Starr – Lead Vocals

Daz Meads – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Matt Starr – Bass Guitar/Vocals

George Starr – Drums


We play at a variety of local Pubs, Clubs & Music Festivals, and are available for any private function, including Parties & Weddings.
Please contact us for more information or to arrange a booking.

Tel:         Matt Starr  07527 863 855
e-mail:   matt.starr@ntlworld.com



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